Super Bowl ticket list prices blowing out records

If you want to see the Patriots battle the Seahawks this Sunday, you'd better hurry: The opportunity to get your hands on a Super Bowl ticket is getting more expensive by the minute.

Fans walk outside University of Phoenix Stadium on January 25, 2015 in Phoenix.
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The most recent data from TiqIQ, a ticket resale site, indicates that tickets to 2015's Super Bowl XLIX could be the most expensive in history.

The "current average list price for the Super Bowl is $6,459.21" as of Jan. 25, according to TiqIQ, up from last year's average of $3,015.99 on this date—a 114.17 percent increase.

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And data show this year's asking price is likely to rise, with the site's previous reports showing an average of $5,188.30, only last Friday. The current average actual sale price stands at $4,152.19.

Looking over last year's ticket sales, the price peaked on Jan. 21 at $4,084.37, just a week and a half before the game, which averaged $2,645.12 on the game day, according to TiqIQ.

Hot tickets means hot prices

Nadal: $14.9 billion going into Super Bowl advertising
Nadal: $14.9 billion going into Super Bowl advertising

Asking prices are even higher on eBay, which is showing listings of up to $57,805 for four tickets, and $32,125 for two tickets—equivalent to $16,062.50 each.

The auctions on eBay that are getting the most attention (25+ bids) however, are at a much lower price of around $7,900 for two tickets to Sunday night's game in Glendale, Arizona.

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But why spend so little, when you could get the premium Super Bowl package? On Vivid Seats, an online resale marketplace, the company is offering the "Ultimate VIP package."

This four-day deal offers you and 29 other friends official souvenirs, party passes, private plane transfer and even a "personal concierge" for the group all for the price of $515,000. (Only $17,166.66 per person).

A record year across the board?

Last year, the Super Bowl racked up a total of 111.5 million viewers (Nielsen), with a 30-second commercial in costing $4.2 million on average.

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The majority of Super Bowl ads that will air this year cost even more, $4.5 million each.

Disclosure: CNBC's sister company NBC Sports broadcasts the Super Bowl.