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America's most Instagrammed restaurants are...

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Most Instagrammed restaurants in America

Flash, filter, upload, repeat, then eat. It can be difficult to miss people documenting their latest meals while dining out.

To find the top-10 most Instagrammed restaurants in America last year, restaurant review startup MyFab5 crunched the numbers for CNBC. A range of restaurants from dining stalwarts that have been open for decades to relatively new restaurants made the cut.

Many of these are well known for signature dishes, such as Dominique Ansel's Cronuts or Café Du Monde's beignets, which fans seek out and then document on social media.

"It really helps to be known for something. You want to stand out," said Omeid Seirafi-Pour, MyFab5 co-founder and CEO in a phone interview.

Being in a touristy area also helps. Several of the restaurants are in tourist hotspots Los Angeles and New York City.

To create the list, MyFab5 sifted through geo-tagged restaurants where at least 15 percent of photos included a food-related word in the caption. This removed places like bars where food is not as center stage. It also included only the most popular location of any chain, which eliminated any outsize presence from large chains, and counted up to 25 photos from any user to exclude post flooding from restaurants' own accounts. From there, it ranked the total number of Instagrammed photos.

Still, Seirafi-Pour stressed the list has its limitations.

"Just because you're the most Instagrammed doesn't mean you're the best restaurant," he said. "Some have dimmed lighting, and you can't get good photos."

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By CNBC's Katie Little
First published 28 Jan 2015

Kohei Hara | Getty Images