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Don't bet against this stock, this one's worth it

Cramer: Don't bet against this stock

Finally! A nice snapback rally with the averages jumping on Thursday let investors have a sigh of relief for a minute. It is on days like this that Jim Cramer likes to take a deep dive into the recent activity and figure out what has really been causing these selloffs.

After all, he doesn't want to be one of those bad news bears who just piles up the negativity on a bad day. So why not take a look now that it's been a good day? This way, the next time it occurs, you will be ready.

"In a nutshell, many investors think it's just too crazy out there. There are too many things happening at once. That means a rush to the exit every time they see their shadows," said the "Mad Money" host.

One key ingredient to a market selloff is the Fed. Cramer thinks that investors are putting themselves on hold until the issues with lower growth overseas; a strong dollar and lower oil are resolved.

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Jim Cramer talks Facebook on Mad Money.
Regina Gilgan | CNBC

How could one man make such a huge difference for a $90 billion company like McDonald's? Jim Cramer recommends taking look at McDonald's stock on Thursday, and investors will see how sacking Don Thompson as the CEO and bringing in Steve Easterbrook can have a significant impact.

"The person at the top sets the agenda, creates the atmosphere and allows an entire team to flourish," said the "Mad Money" host.

Easterbrook has a history of being able to bring innovation and change when he turned around McDonald's U.K. operation, along with 7,000 locations in Europe. With the deep issues in the U.S., can he turn around the stock?

"Don Thompson's firing is a victory for shareholders. For years, McDonald's had been a great American growth company. It can be once again," Cramer said.

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On Wednesday night, Facebook reported fabulous results and beat almost all expectations. Did the market even blink at the stock? Barely. Jim Cramer thinks this is a mistake investors should take advantage of.

Mark Zuckerberg has proven that he knows how to execute, as evidenced by the mobile platform that now represents 70 percent of its revenue. According to statistics, U.S. mobile Web-surfers spend 20 percent of their time on Facebook or Instagram.

Facebook earned 54 cents a share, up 22 cents from last year. The average monthly user grew to approximately 1.39 billion people, up from 1.2 billion one year ago. That is an increase of 64 percent, and it continues to grow.

What scared investors was that expenses increased by 50 percent in the past year, to $1.63 billion. That was much higher than expected.

"My view? Yes, Facebook is spending a lot of money. But this isn't some gang of drunken sailors, it's an incredibly well-run company," said Cramer.

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Core Laboratories CEO David Demshur listens during an interview at the Jefferies Global Energy Conference in Houston.
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One company that is in a world of pain is Core Laboratories. While the oil patch has been sinking to new lows, this company has been falling since before prices even began to collapse.

Core Labs is an oil scientist, and uses its technology to analyze how it can increase production for oil companies by the assessing rock and fluids within oil reservoirs. CLB reported on Thursday morning and amid the difficult oil environment, the stock was slammed. However, just because the stock was down doesn't mean the company can't share about the state of the oil market.

To find out Core's take of the current state of the oil market, Cramer spoke with Core Laboratories CEO David Demshur.

"If we look at a global decline curve rate of about 2.5 percent per annum on 90 million barrels of production, we get the market balanced by the end of this year. When the market's balanced, we get an increase in crude prices, increase in activity levels, and that's good for Core Laboratories," said Demshur.

As Cramer searches for the next generation of biotech, he turned to Radius Health. This stock has been on fire lately, up 470 percent since it came public last June.

Radius is a development state biotech that focuses on finding drugs for osteoporosis and other endocrine-mediated disorders. It also is currently in early stages of developing treatment for breast cancer.

To find out more, Cramer sat down with Radius Health CEO Robert Ward. The CEO commented on the significance of the breast cancer treatment, when he stated "We did some studies last year in healthy volunteers. We looked at that estrogen target—the receptor—and showed after six days of dosing we completely suppressed the signal. So that's very encouraging."

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorite stocks:

Trimble Navigation Limited: "I do prefer Garmin, if you want to be in that game."

KKR & Co: "I like KKR, and I like Blackstone. Those are the two I recommend, and I like the yield, and I think they're good for it. They're very good managers."

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