Oracle CEO issues warning to competitors

Angela Johnson
Oracle CEO reveals cloud strategy

Oracle competitors, you have been warned.

In an interview dubbed "feisty" by CNBC's Jim Cramer, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd informed competitors and investors alike that his company has made the transition from hardware to cloud computing and is ready to start swinging.

"Make no mistake about it, we are laser focused on taking share, we are focused on growing," Hurd said. "We're focused on driving the company forward, our guidance is to accelerate growth."

Hurd credits hard work from every facet of the organization, combined with an all-hands-on-deck mentality to put Oracle in the position to snatch market share from competitors in the cloud computing space such as Salesforce.

Mark Hurd, co-CEO of Oracle
David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

"We're one of the few cloud companies, we're not only getting bigger, but our growth rate is actually accelerating at the same time," he said. "That's because of better training, better sales, more sales people, lots of great products and R&D, some good acquisitions."

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Asked about Salesforce, Hurd said: "We are now growing faster than they are, we're getting bigger and growing faster. ...We'll actually book more cloud business as we go forward into the fiscal year than any other cloud company. Let's see what happens."