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The "other" Russell Wilson

The 'other' Russell Wilson

Randall Bacon is a TV regular but you probably wouldn't recognize his face. His on-screen attire usually includes a football helmet, worn as a commercial stunt double for Seattle Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson.

"I am able to take the hits that Russell, you know it's not worth it for him to take hits for a commercial", Bacon said in an interview with CNBC's "Power Lunch. "

"Don't get me wrong, my man Russell sometimes wants to do his own stunts", he said laughing, "so I gotta be like, 'Russell man, let me do this, we wanna save you, keep you fresh for the game.'"

Bacon said being a stunt double for Wilson isn't just about looking the part, but also playing the part.

"All the movements that Russell does, I have to do that. All the footwork he does, all the agility he does, and I have to be fast too because Russell he's a fast guy, he's really fast. I train like I am going to try out for the Seahawks basically."

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Football comes naturally to Bacon; he's been playing since he was 9 years old.

"There are a handful of us that do this for a living and we're all ex-football players, all ex-college athletes."

Bacon said he makes a "decent" living impersonating Wilson in commercials for Bose and Duracell. He's also picked up paychecks doubling as Washington Redskins' wide receiver DeSean Jackson, former NFL wide receiver Deion Sanders and Atlanta Falcons' wide receiver Devin Hester.

Seattle Seahawks' Russell Wilson, right, with his commercial stunt double Randall Bacon.
Source: Randall Bacon

"One of my first stunt commercials I ever did was NFL Timeline. I transition into Deion Sanders and then I transition into Devin Hester at the end," he said.

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"I got to do the high-stepping and everything like that, and then I walk into the end zone and then I am Devin Hester. So they had to paint my skin a little bit darker, put some braids in the back of my hair."

Like some of his stunt double colleagues, Bacon is branching out into entertainment, film, and television. He's appeared on "The Young & the Restless", in a DirecTV commercial where he gets smashed into a pool table, and said he is starring in an upcomingFord Fusion commercial with his wife.

Playing Russell Wilson has been his favorite role so far.

"He's a funny guy, he's a good guy … and I think he's a good reflection for a lot of young athletes that are growing up and I am really thankful that he's here and I am thankful that I work with him. Not in my wildest dreams would I think I would be able to play football after pursuing football and actually get paid … that's unreal."