'Currency war' to be 'lose-lose' game: Strategist

A Swiss franc and euro banknotes
Dado Ruvic | Reuters

With each fresh headline of a central bank cutting interest rates comes rising concerns over the global race to the bottom.

As the U.S. contemplates coming off policies that suppressed the dollar's value, its counterparts are heading in the other direction. The most recent move came from Australia, which cut its key interest rate by a quarter percentage point Tuesday, setting off the latest wave in the beggar-thy-neighbor monetary wave.

The result is that the world is heading toward a global currency war that Bank of America Merrill Lynch strategist David Woo said ultimately will have no winners.

"The bottom line: A weak currency might provide a short-term boost to the countries engaging in currency devaluation. However, if everyone is playing the same game, all we will end up with is more and higher FX volatility," Woo said in a note to clients Tuesday. "This in turn will likely exact a toll on global trade and capital flow."