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Top investor’s panic plays

4 picks for shelter from the volatility

January was a volatile month of trading, but that isn't stopping Paul Meeks, Saturna Capital's Sextant Growth Fund Manager, from finding areas of growth.

Meeks is finding opportunity in weakness.

"I identify good, quality growth companies with attractively priced stocks and buy them on dips when there's panic," said Meeks on CNBC's "Fast Money Halftime Report. "

Here are his top picks:


As the demand for flash memory storage increases, Meeks views SanDisk as a buy.

"One of the reasons they missed on the last quarter and also guided to a more subdued 2015 is lack of supply; which I think is a high-class problem. With the stock at this range I would buy it right here and now," he said.


Meeks sees Microsoft as a leader in the cloud computing space.

"I think Satya Nadella has done a nice job of pivoting the company toward cloud computing. A lot of folks don't realize that when you peel back the onion that cloud computing revenues for this company make it one of the biggest cloud computing software companies and growing the fastest," he said.

Delta Airlines

Meeks says low fuel costs are beefing up Delta's balance sheet.

"Delta has strong management. This was a company that was doing very well when oil last June was at $107 a barrel. If oil stays subdued, the company will save $1.7 billion this year in fuel and $3 billion next year.


"Positive results from cancer treatment makes Medivation a buy," says Meeks.

"They have a drug called Xtandi. It's done well particularly well in the States for post-chemo prostate cancer treatment. Last fall the drug was approved for pre-chemo treatment, so I think it will do quite well," he said.