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The unexpected winners of the market

Cramer: US strength, despite overseas noise

Jim Cramer decided to switch up his research routine on Tuesday. Instead of looking to see what was happening overseas when he woke up at 3:30 am, he decided to pretend that the U.S. was an island on its own and focus on corporate data points and companies in the U.S. only to determine how the market would do.

Guess what? It worked!

The "Mad Money" host took into consideration retail sales, interest rates, copper, the price of oil and upgrades and downgrades without thinking once about China, Japan or Europe.

Simply, Tuesday's market went higher because nothing happened overseas. Greece was quiet; Europe didn't have anything significant and even China had its mouth shut.

"We've all come to believe that everything out of China is going to show definitive slowing, so all you can ask for is a day of no data because, alas, when it comes to China, no data is good data," said Cramer.

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That means that investors only had to consider how companies in the United States were doing, and there were so many unexpected gems that they loved.

For instance, Coca-Cola rallied nicely when investors realized it wasn't doing as bad as they thought it was.

Even Urban Outfitters and Aeropostale, which were previously struggling, woke up from a long coma and shot the lights out. Urban reversed its downturn and the nearly breathless Aeropostale at least proved it is about to break even.

Crushed stone, sand and gravel maker Martin Marietta Materials delivered a fantastic beat on earnings on Tuesday morning, which Cramer considered as a strong sign that that country is doing well.

The real unexpected gem for the day though, was Yelp. This company just disappointed on Friday, and shocked investors when it announced an acquisition and preannounced a revised positive earnings outlook.

Cramer was further surprised when the semiconductor company Micron, which has been getting crushed all year, announced a new marketing agreement and sent the stock up a tremendous 9 percent.

The big whammy of the day was Starwood Hotels. Cramer was thinking this stock was a goner and the symbol HOT should be changed to COLD. But then the company announced good earnings, and even unveiled plans for a spinoff.

Even the dogs of last week were forgiven, when Chipotle and Gilead both snapped back. On top of that, Apple reached all-time high when it announced that Jet Blue would be accepting Apple Pay on its planes.

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Thus, without all of the background noise overseas distracting investors, the market was able to find a few surprising stocks to rally from. These were the solid high-quality stocks that the "Mad Money" host has been encouraging investors to research.

"Without the strings of hedge funds pulling them every which way including loose, our stock market could react to individual company news in a rational and coherent way. And that's why, for once, today was a rational and coherent day."

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