Australia to join Eurovision Song Contest

A high point on Europe's cultural calendar, the highly anticipated Eurovision Song Contest sees countries across Europe sing their hearts out for the honour being the region's most tuneful nation.

But in its 60th anniversary year; organizers have decided to extend the borders of Europe by some 10,000 miles.

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The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Austrian broadcaster ORF have extended a "one-off" invitation to Australia to join the 39 other countries in the contest's finale.

Reasons attributed to the decision include Australia's long-lasting devotion to the show with SBS TV, an Australian broadcasting service having televised the contest for more than 30 years. This year Australians will get the opportunity to vote in its semi-final and Grand finale, despite the early wake up call.

On behalf of the EBU, Jon Ola Sand, executive supervisor of the contest said "It's a daring and at the same time incredibly exciting move. It is our way of saying; let's celebrate this party together!"

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This isn't the first time Eurovision has bent the rules, countries outside of the European continent, including Israel and Morocco, have long competed.

The news was music to Aussies down under, with petitions having already been made for acts to compete. Andrew Wade posted a petition on, asking 12,000 people to support the reuniting of the band 'TISM', so that they could play at Eurovision.

Whilst a singer has not yet been selected for Australia;, an online news source has made some suggestions, including internationally-acclaimed singer 'Sia', Australian drag queen 'Courtney Act' and the Minogue sisters (Kylie and Dannii) as options.

Tweet: This is actually happening: Australia is entering the Eurovision " @blastclouds"

"Australia in @Eurovision??"

Aussies may be singing their praises; however, some tweeters aren't so happy.

One Twitter user, Callum Rowe posted "If Australia can enter Eurovision, let's invite Cambodia. Oh, Kiribati want an invite? Sure thing. Sri Lanka? Go on then!"

Mike Conley used the news of Australia competing in the song contest, as an excuse to bring up the 2004 movie "Mean Girls".

Tweet: All of Europe to Australia at this year's Eurovision...

Both media outlets in Australia and across Europe got involved in the debate, with celebrities even jumping in, to give their views.

Jack Dee, a British comedian said on Twitter that he was "relieved to see that Australia will be adding a much needed touch of sophistication to the Eurovision song contest."

Innocent Drinks, a UK based smoothies company posted two Twitter comments on the matter, with one post advising followers: "IMPORTANT GEOGRAPHY UPDATE: Australia have joined the @Eurovision song contest. Please update your world maps accordingly."

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However, perhaps Mark Humphries has exposed the real reason behind Australia's entry…

Tweet: Australia will compete in this year's Eurovision. Sounds like being mistaken for Austria has finally paid off.

2015's Eurovision song contest will take place over the course of three days in May; with the finale taking place 23rd of May, in Vienna, Austria. Watched by more than 195 million people last year, the live event has already sold out with ticket prices reaching up to 390 euros ($441).

One thing the organizers do not seem to have considered is what if Australia wins? Not only does it get to compete again next year, it will have to host the competition.

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