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Coffee, tea or VR? In-flight entertainment gets virtual

Harriet Baskas, Special to CNBC
Qantas virtual reality headsets to be tested on some A380 flights
Source: Qantas

On your next international flight, you may want to forget the screen on the back seat and lose your tablet device.

In an in-flight entertainment first, Australian carrier Qantas will soon be making Samsung's virtual reality headsets, called Gear VR, available to premium passengers on some long-distance flights. A three-month trial run begins in mid-March, when Qantas is expected to make the headsets available to first-class passengers on some of the airline's A380 flights between Australia and Los Angeles.

Visitors to Qantas first-class lounges in Sydney and Melbourne have already received headsets to test.

Eventually, Qantas says the VR technology "will transport customers to an immersive virtual world … and showcase the sights and delights of network destinations, new Qantas products and the latest in-flight blockbuster movies."

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