Unemployed? Queen Elizabeth II needs a driver

Drive for the Queen?

It's a 48-hour work week, pays only £23,000-£24,000 ($35,000 to $37,000) a year, but it's a live-in position and meals are provided.

Britain's royal family needs a driver.

To apply, you have to be a U.K. resident and have a driving license. The successful candidate will have a permanent position as the queen's chauffeur, who will drive around members of the royal family, household officials and special guests.

In addition to driving, the employee will keep all the vehicles in pristine condition and contribute to the running and management of the Royal Mews Garage, which looks after all the state vehicles.

The successful applicant can remain "calm under pressure," "have strong attention to detail" and have "excellent communication and interpersonal skills," according to the royal household's online job advert.

"You will be a good team player," it says.

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A royal treatment?

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By working in such an exclusive role, a high salary would be expected. This however is not the case. The salary of £23,000 is less than the average UK salary of £26,500 ($40,743), according to the Office for National Statistics.

In addition, the 48-hour week is more than the average working week of 43.6 hours. U.K. law requires that the average employees should not work more than 48 hours a week, unless requested by the employee.

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On top of free food and lodgings, the chauffeur will be entitled to 33 vacation days each year, 15 percent employer contribution to the pension plan and the opportunity to work in "a unique and stimulating work environment."

During the selection process, applicants are required to undergo pre-employment checks, including security clearance and reference checking.

The royal household is made up of five departments that help support the royal family with their everyday lives. It employs around 1,200 members in various employment sectors, including catering, art curatorship and media relations.

Considering the advert's timing, the chauffeur will most likely have to start working in April when the Queen turns 89 (on April 21) and the duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, gives birth to her second child.

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