The rich dogs of Instagram

A dog enjoys a day at the spa with a cucumber facial and pedicure.
Source: Richdogsofig | Instagram

First came the Wealfie—now comes the Woofie.

After the success of the Rich Kids of Instagram, it was inevitable that the world of online bling bragging would go to the dogs. And so Kaylin Pound of The Elite Daily has brought us The Rich Dogs of Instagram.

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The Instagram page claims "These dogs have more money than you and this is what they do." So we have mutt-manis, paw-pedis, dogs with diamond collars, pups on private jets and dogs swilling all manner of fine champagne.

There are dogs behind the wheel of Ferraris, posing next to a Lambo and riding the back of the Bentley. There are dogs wearing luxury watches, dogs wearing Louboutins, dogs enjoying their penthouse views, dogs surrounded by Chanel and Louis Vuitton shopping bags and scantily clad women and dogs literally rolling in cash.

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What to make of all this? Absolutely nothing, except for fun pics. Sure, plenty of people will hold up the Dogs of Instagram as a reason for the next revolution and proof that the rich—and their dogs—have too much money.

But let's accept them for what they are—staged set pieces that combine the online fascination with pet pics and wealth porn. And nothing more.