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This stock's back in renaissance mode

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Arrowhead Research Corp: "Here's my problem with nano-technology; it's always a bridesmaid never a bride. We are going to stick with the tried and true semis that we like...Cypress Semi. "

Restoration Hardware: "I think Restoration is a long-term play. We are not going to play this quarter to quarter because it's lumpy. You just want to own it, and stay with the guys, they know what they're doing."

VeriFone; "I think Verifone goes higher. Remember that this is a long-term play on the register and the turmoil at the register, and they are a winner in that turmoil."

Kroger: "When you get off the desk with operators in retail, you know what pops up as a name that people really respect? It's the people who run Kroger. I think it's going to have a bit of a pullback here because the straight line stocks have been coming in, but yes, I think Kroger is the one to own. Please don't forget: Whole Foods is back in renaissance mode. So if you want a little growth, Whole Foods may have it. "

Qorvo Inc: "Qorvo is a great combination and we also like TriQuint, Skyworks and Avago. These pieces that go into cell phones are still doing well. They all have some risk, but they're doing well.

Epam Systems Inc: "Anytime I see outsourcing technically, I want TriNet for lower risk and of course for e-business I'm always going to send you to "

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GoPro: "No, we don't want anything to do with it. That was a great trade into the holiday season. But the trade came and went, and we don't look back. Now it's just what we call a football stock—it's all over the map. No thank you!"

3M: "With Inge Thulin, you think big. This guy is thinking big in every market he is in other than maybe band-aids. And I might argue that because I like the band-aid division of Johnson & Johnson. Do not sell Inge Thulin short! I am a buy, buy, buyer even as it is at it's 52-week high. "

Encana Corporation: "That's a bad balance sheet and you bought it at the top. Encana, no not for me."

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