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Hell no, we won't go! Homeowners who wouldn't budge

Austin Spriggs' row house on Massachusetts Ave., which he refused to sell to developers, is now an island surrounded by a huge hole in the ground.

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A holdout is the term used when a new development comes in and an owner or owners refuse to sell, or owners hold out for so much money that the development proceeds around the building anyway. The result is a home or building distinguished from their new neighbors and stand as monuments to the stubborn spirit of the owners.

Examples of this David and Goliath phenomenon are found all over the world. What follows are holdouts that made headlines, as well as one that's been hiding in plain sight in New York City for decades. Let's begin with a holdout house that's in the news once again.

By Colleen Kane, special to
Posted 27 Feb. 2015

Bill O'Leary | The Washington Post | Getty Images