Lightning Round: Beware of this happening in March

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Acadia Pharmaceuticals: "We did a piece on Parkinson's, and I think they may have something. I like this but it is speculative."

NXP Semiconductors: "Remember that we are in a pullback mode for some of these NASDAQ stocks. Get it below $80 and that's when you pull the trigger. Don't be too eager."

Pengrowth Energy Corp: "No, way too hard. I've got a lot of struggle on oil and gas companies that I don't need to go down to the bottom of the barrel. I've got trouble even on Royal Dutch...I say be careful."

Talisman Energy: "How about buying Concho? It just came down and it's a similar situation to Talisman and it has raised a lot of capital and I like that. NBL I like more too."

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Allegiant Travel Company: "Allegiant has been good. I also like Alaska Air coming down here. But I think Allegiant is good. It's had a big run, be careful! Beware of the ides of high-priced stocks in the month of March."

Worthington: "It's got to be beaten down. Steel's at a five year low and that's why you pull the trigger on Nucor, not Worthington."

Aruba Networks: "If you're in it because of what I said to buy it, I'm pulling the trigger and ringing the register."

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