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Rest up now—this will charge higher next week!

Netflix, Buffett & jobs next week: Cramer

Stocks traded lower on Friday, but, in Jim Cramer's opinion, this wasn't necessarily a bad thing. What doesn't kill the market makes it stronger. He enjoyed the breather to rest up, especially since he suspects that the market will go higher next week.

"The move I'm watching for is the takeout of the Nasdaq's old highs. You know I feel that it is long overdue. We are on such firmer footing these days, versus 15 years ago," said the "Mad Money" host.

In honor of the Netflix announcement of its new season in "House of Cards," Cramer kicked off his game plan with the stock. He will have his eyes open to watch for analysts to raise estimates on Monday based on higher subscriptions.

"I always tell you that Netflix isn't a play on earnings per share, it's a play on sign-ups per share, and I expect them to be voluminous," he said.

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The next thing on Cramer's radar this weekend will be Warren Buffett's annual letter, to hear what he has to say about the market and IBM. Why the heck did he keep buying IBM when it continued to disappoint on earnings?

On Monday AutoZone reports, and for years Cramer has recommended a buying strategy that has worked like clockwork. He recommended purchasing AutoZone after it reports, and anticipates the strategy working again.

On Tuesday, investors will hear from Target and its new CEO, Brian Cornell. Cramer has confidence that Cornell is the right person for the job to turn around Target into America's store again.

"For those who want to wait and see Cornell's strategy, remember, we really want to hear about an end to the bloat. Target has way too many people working for it. Just a fact of life," Cramer said.

Best Buy will also be reporting, and Cramer is interested to see if consumers are ready to start spending on gadgets with all that extra cash collected from savings at the pump.

On Wednesday, Cramer's long-time fave Honeywell has its analyst day. CEO Dave Cote will give his sense on how the world is doing, and Cramer will be listening with all ears.

Exxon Mobil also has its analyst meeting on Wednesday, and Cramer thinks it is important to hear what it has to say because of its long-term view of the oil patch. It takes a 50-year view on oil, and Cramer suspects they may take a contrarian view to most.

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On Thursday, Kroger and Costco report and Cramer fears that the stocks may have moved up too much to be able to handle any disappoint.

"I don't think we'll get one, but I'm wary that both might succumb to momentary profit-taking," Cramer added.

On Friday the country will hear about jobs, and whether they have been created fast enough to get the country back under 5 percent unemployment. If the numbers disappoint, Cramer thinks this might be a good time to put money to work and do some buying.

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