With dollar at 11-year high, here's what's next

Dennis Gartman: The dollar's surge is not over yet

It's been a remarkable run for the dollar.

In the scope of eight months, the has shot up more than 19 percent against other currencies, after going nowhere for almost 10 years.

Companies from IBM to Harley-Davidson to Google to Coca-Cola to Proctor & Gamble have blamed the strong dollar for chipping away from their overseas profits.

The dollar is now sitting at the highest level in 11 years against other major currencies.

In the last 12 months alone, it's appreciated more than 21 percent against Norwegian and Swedish currencies; more than 17 percent against the euro and more than 13.5 percent against the yen.

So now what?

The strong dollar story has not changed, and many pros will tell you the currency has further to climb.