Cramer's game plan: The trick to Apple's ecosystem

Cramer's in learning mode next week

Normally, when Jim Cramer releases his game plan for the next week, he points out stocks that he expects will make waves in the coming days. But this time, the week ahead will be an entirely different animal altogether.

Next week is different, not just because it is the 10th anniversary of "Mad Money", but also because Cramer will be doing more learning than trading. This will be the time to listen and try to determine how the quarter will end before a new earnings season starts again.

On Monday, it will be all about Apple. Cramer expects that Apple will finally reveal the details and pricing for its highly anticipated watch.

"I'm a huge believer in Apple and have said repeatedly that you should not trade it. Instead just own the darned thing because it's a cheap stock that's still trading below the 's price-to-earnings ratio…Apple is a real undervalued winner," the "Mad Money" host said.

One of Cramer's many reasons for believing that Apple is still undervalued is that the management is consistently underrated. Some may think that this Apple Watch will bomb, but not Cramer.

The trick to Apple's ecosystem is that whenever Apple unveils a new device, its app developers find a way to turn the machine into something that rules the world. Cramer knows that Tim Cook would never allow Apple to release a watch unless it was going to take the globe by storm.

"That's what drives me crazy. When is this man finally going to be given the benefit of the doubt?" Cramer asked.

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Cramer plans to watch a few other stocks next week :

Urban Outfitters: This company has finally started delivering on its numbers; thanks to Anthropologie introducing new looks, including stylish housewares. Cramer thinks this company is changing for the better and wouldn't be surprised to see it break through its 52-week high.

United Natural Foods: Cramer will be using this cheap organic and natural food stock to take a read on how the natural food industry is doing. He still has WhiteWave and Hain Celestial as his top picks in the space.

VeriFone: Cramer doesn't expect a blowout when this company reports. However, he is interested to hear its vision for the future, as its mobile payment technology will be important as Apple Pay gains popularity.

Shake Shack: When this stock went public recently and shot through the roof, many thought the surge was the sign of a top. Instead, it has refused to come back down.

"Shake Shack is a little like Netflix and Tesla and Amazon: its product is so spectacular that people feel they should own a piece of the company," Cramer said.

The "Mad Money" host still thinks the stock is too expensive to own at these levels, but it could grow into its market cap in time.

El Pollo Loco: Cramer still thinks that Pollo Loco is too new to make a call on it. He still prefers Jack in the Box and Chipotle over this company.

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This will be the day that will provide the pulse on women's apparel and sporting goods. Cramer won't be buying Ann, but he is interested in listening to what they have to say. As for sports, Cramer will be listening to Hibbett Sports for judgment on how Nike and Under Armour are doing.

At the end of the week, Cramer plans to do more listening than trading. The only stock he would consider is Ulta Salon ahead of the quarter on Thursday. That's it.

"I'm just in total learning mode. Too dangerous to trade, with better moments to invest after the week's end."

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