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Six new travel gadgets to make your journey easier

Luggage by Playluggage

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Luggage to play with, and on

Can a piece of luggage really be a "dependable and trustworthy partner for the craziest adventures?"

The designers at Estonia-based Playluggage think so. The surfaces of its suitcases double as game boards for backgammon, Chinese checkers, chess, poker and Parcheesi. Erasable markers come with a suitcase you can draw on, and the new design (MSRP $199) has a surface compatible with Lego-style blocks.

Game pieces included with many board designs are magnetic, "so you can always leave the game [set-up], go to next gate and continue from the same spot," said Martin Rungi, Playluggage's export manager.

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Source: Playluggage