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These restaurant stocks could be tasty: Analyst

Restaurant stocks with potential

Who can forget the success story that was Chipotle Mexican Grill? Its shares went from $40 in 2006 to more than $600 today.

Stephens restaurant analyst Will Slabaugh told CNBC's "Power Lunch " on Tuesday that although it would be hard to follow in Chipotle's footsteps, there are some good-looking restaurant stocks out there including Zoes Kitchen and The Habit Burger Grill.

"I think both of them have a really good opportunity to grow into a long-term success story," he said. "They're both recent IPOs and we think both of them have a lot of opportunity."

Slabaugh said he was impressed with their higher-quality products and better overall customer experience.

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He also likes Wendy's for its new menu additions "that get back to the company's burger roots." He spoke highly of the innovative pretzel bun and bacon and blue on brioche that he says the consumer appreciates.

"They've gone back to what they are very good at—and that's fresh North American beef," he said. "They've been innovating around that."

"Being good at what you do as opposed to everything to everyone and I think that continues to win for Wendy's," Slabaugh said.

Disclosure: Both the analyst and his firm, Stephens, own shares of Zoes Kitchen and Habit Burger Grill. Both companies are banking clients of Stephens. Slabaugh owns shares of Wendy's as well.