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Cramer's first CEO guest, 10 years later

Leonard Schliefer, CEO of Regeneron.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Believe it or not, when "Mad Money" first came on the air a decade ago, Cramer had a hard time getting executives to appear on the show.

The very first CEO interview was with Dr. Len Schleifer, who was at the time the CEO of a small development stage biotech company called Regeneron.

At the time the stock traded just above $4, and as of Monday it closed at $426. Cramer gave this stock his blessing for speculation, and the company turned out to be one of the best blessings he has ever given. Its cholesterol drug has been a big hit, and Cramer thinks it could bring the stock even higher.

Could the company foresee that it would be so profitable? Cramer sat down with Dr. Schleifer 10 years later to find out.

"The thing about this business is that it's all based on what you do for patients. This is not the soap business or the detergent business where the marketing clout matters. The bottom line is if you come out with a product that makes a difference for patients you're going to sell the product, patients are going to do better and your investors and shareholders are going to profit as well," Schleifer said.

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The CEO elaborated that when Regeneron first began, it took a big risk with not a lot of support.

"We thought that if we just stuck with the science we could get there. We didn't know how long it would take, and didn't have a lot of people who believed in us," Schleifer added.

Cramer is one of those people who believed in the stock, which has increased more than ten fold since inception. He still considers it to be one one of his top biotech stocks.

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