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Little Caesar's has no 'app for that'—and that's just how they like it

Right now, the only way to get a hot slice of Little Caesar's pepperoni pizza is to go to the restaurant and get it yourself. If the company has its way, that's exactly how it's going to stay.

Bacon Wrapped Little Caesar's Pizza
Source: Little Caesar's

Some pizza chains are known in the restaurant industry for being early adopters of technology, but infusing tech into the ordering process is not on Little Caesar's radar. So unlike Domino's Pizza or Pizza Hut, there will be no "app for that" at Little Caesar's.

"I see it kind of a little bit of a burden on customers to have to fiddle with their computers, their smartphones, put in a password, a coupon code," said its CEO David Scrivano in an interview.

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Currently, the company does not offer digital ordering or delivery or even its own smartphone application, but some locations offer loyalty apps that customers can use to accumulate rewards after visiting their stores.

Scrivano said carry-out remains the most convenient option for Little Caesar customers, who get a fresh pizza in stores and do not have to wait for delivery.

'We like it this way'

Little Caesar's is the third largest pizza chain by sales, according to market research firm Technomic's latest report on the top chain restaurants. Yet its stance on technology is rather unusual among large players in the pizza space, who have seen digital sales surge in recent years.

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Digital orders now account for about half of Domino's sales, while Papa John's sees more than 50 percent of its domestic sales from digital, according to recent conference calls from the companies.

Domino's: Tech to table clearly working

"We always try to stay on our own path," Scrivano added. "We're not looking at what the competitors are doing so much because we've created such a niche for ourselves, and we like being in that place."

Instead, the company says it focuses its innovation on items, such as its current limited-time offering of a pepperoni and bacon pizza wrapped in 3.5 feet on bacon.

The strategy appears to be working for the company. The privately held chain has had 14 consecutive years of same-restaurant sales growth, and its recent bacon-wrapped pizza is on track to be its most successful LTO in more than a decade.