Duh! Smartphone addiction on the rise

LG G Flex 2 smartphone
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LG G Flex 2 smartphone

Let's face it. It is hard in this day and age to avoid having a smartphone. There's no doubt it has made our lives easier, but there's a new study that may alarm you on just how addicted we are to our mobile devices.

UK researchers have found the average user spends as much as 3.6 hours a day on their smartphones. Dr. Gregory Jantz, an addiction specialist who founded "The Center: A Place of Hope" in Washington State, told CNBC he understands we all love using technology, but there's a major downside. He said "we have lost a healthy balance and technology is taking over our lives and making people sick."

Dr.Jantz says in his 30 years as an addiction specialist, he's seen an increase in patients over the last five years who are suffering from greater anxiety and depression. He thinks smartphones are somewhat to blame. He said some of his patients are fearful of missing out on something and often can't sleep because they are waiting for a text message to come through.

So how do we move forward? Dr. Jantz suggested we all do a technology detox, where we pick a day of the week to put our mobile devices away. He also said, as hard as it may be, we should not use our smartphones for at least 30 minutes prior to bedtime because sleep is crucial.

Good luck everybody!