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CNBC Interview: Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis

Following is the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with Greek Finance Minister, Yanis Varoufakis, at the Ambrosetti Spring Forum in Lake Como, Italy, March 14, 2015.

Julia Chatterley (JC): You've taken some heat in the Greek press in the last 24 hours for saying you'll do whatever it takes as far as a deal in Europe is concerned and the suggestion was you'd renege on promises you made in the election. Can you clarify that?

Janis Varoufakis (JV): We never said we were going to renege on any promises. We said that our promises concern a full year parliamentary term and they'll be spaced out in an optimal way and in a way that is in tune with our bargaining stance in Europe and also with the fiscal position of the Greek state. This is what a responsible government does; it's what we were always were going to do. We have already started legislating for the humanitarian crisis, we are in the process of legislating for tax evaders, we will legislate on minimum wages in good time after deliberation with social partners which we always promised to do. The press has a field day these days in concocting stories that have the purpose of creating noise. What we need now is peace and quiet in order to get down to work to put Greece on the path of recovery.

JC: But you're at fault for that. Is Paris Match a PR disaster in hindsight?

JV: You will allow me not to comment on particular stories in the press.

JC: But you put it in the press.

JV: You will allow me not to comment on particular stories in the press.

JC: Are you a liability though for this government because you are trying to promote a serious message and these things are distracting?

JV: Are you a liability for your channel?

JC: I try not to be.

JV: So do I.

JC: So what's the focus here, what was the message here?

JV….[Walks off]

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