Nike is the model of success for strong dollar

Jim Cramer was in heaven as he listened to Nike's conference call this week. Maybe they are just experts at how to handle a beautiful call, but it proved it is the model of success in handling currency headwinds from a strong dollar.

"After its earnings conference call was done, you felt so great about Nike that you could overlook any weakness and embrace any strength," the "Mad Money" host said.

In Cramer's opinion, Nike did what he thinks everyone should have done this quarter: focus on strengths, not currency issues. Obviously, since Nike is a worldwide company, constantly faces currency headwinds.

Shopper carrying a Nike shopping bag in New York.
Victor J. Blue | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Shopper carrying a Nike shopping bag in New York.

So, Nike took the bullish dollar by the horns and left investors to factor in currency issues. After all, why explain anything that wasn't its fault? Even when the company was questioned about shifting business to different areas to deal with currency issues, it didn't take the bait.

This approach had a positive effect with investors, because instead of spending time explaining one weakness after another, it used the time to make clear just how strong Nike really is.

"In fact, the essence of this call was: 'We compete, we win; you figure out the currency,'" Cramer said.

The "Mad Money" host heard Oracle embrace a similar strategy on its call earlier in the week, which also proved to be successful. Unlike IBM, this sent the message that it was doing terrible because it kept talking about currency reports.

Cramer also loved how it handled the West Coast port slowdown by openly stating that there were several containers of Nike apparel to be off-loaded still. Apparently, it learned from the mistake of Williams-Sonoma, when it scared investors to death by backing away from the issue.

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Nike spent its call stressing innovation and technology, which resonated well with investors. Cramer was in pure amazement at this company and thinks it is a clear model of success on how to deal with foreign headwinds.

"What a bunch of pros. What an amazing stock," he said.

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