Quiet riot: These surging IPOs deserve some love: Bespoke founder

Second chance IPOs: DPLO, FRPT & PAYC

Big initial public offerings (IPOs) like Alibaba have stolen the spotlight recently. However, Bespoke Investment Group's co-founder Paul Hickey told CNBC's "Fast Money" that the names people haven't heard of offer the best opportunity.

"When growth becomes scarce in the economy, like we've seen, growth stocks trade at a premium," said Hickey. "And that's why you've seen some of these stocks benefit here."

Hickey's first pick was Diplomat Pharma, a specialty pharmaceuticals firm that administers drugs and tracks compliance. Since going public on October 10th, 2014, the stock is up more than 110 percent, but Hickey said the stock has more room to run.

"The thing with most of these treatments is that they're not just popping a pill," said Hickey. "They're hard to administer or they're very expensive."

Pets and payroll

Hickey also saw continued growth in FreshPet, the manufacturer of pet food for dogs and cats made with natural ingredients. The stock is up more than 23 percent since its IPO in November but Hickey said there is consumer enthusiasm for pampering your pet.

"Everyone who has pets pampers them like children these days, and as we eat better—the next logical extension is better food for pets," said Hickey. He added said this is the only pure play on healthy pet food right now, and grocery stores have confirmed the demand remains high.

Hickey's last pick was Paycom, a cloud-base payroll service, that has surged 125 percent since going public in April.

"They're an end-to-end HR provider for companies small, mid and even large companies," said Hickey. "They do payroll, human resources employee training and they help to manage that in an effective way."

Disclosure: Some Bespoke accounts own shares in Freshpet.