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All money trails lead to Skyworks

Skyworks a long-term winner? CEO makes the case
Skyworks a long-term winner? CEO makes the case

After the hideous performance of Sandisk on Thursday, the entire semiconductor group was slammed hard. However Jim Cramer thinks this is just an opportunity for investors to get in on stellar stocks like Skyworks Solutions, which is right in the epicenter of all things involving connectivity.

Skyworks makes high-performance radio frequency and analog semiconductors for smartphones, tablets, cars, GPS, broadband and wireless networking. It has its hands in the pot in almost all things related to connectivity, including power amplifiers for cellphones and iPhone content.

While the stock has pulled back recently because of the marketwide selloff, Skyworks reported a fabulous quarter back in January. Cramer is confident that the stock has even more room to run.

To find out more about what could be in store for the future of Skyworks and its role in the Internet of things, Cramer sat down with CEO David Aldrich.

"It's all about connectivity…the notion is that you have a previously wired device, or perhaps something that was never wired before. The idea now is that the technology has become affordable, people are used to it, they're comfortable with it and it has become more secure," Aldrich said.

David Aldrich, CEO of Skyworks Solutions
Scott Mlyn | CNBC

The CEO explained just how integrated Skyworks is in the daily lives of most individuals with their products ranging from infotainment systems in cars, Johnson control thermostats, Google's Nest thermostat and any device that pertains to gaming consoles or routers.

In fact, Aldrich anticipates that Skyworks will be involved in wearable bands that will one day monitor health conditions, such as blood sugar or blood pressure, and transmit data to medical providers. There are talks that the Apple Watch could accomplish this one day as well.

"I think it's going to have a Skyworks chip. It's going to have a Skyworks chip at the reader and is most likely in the embedded device—and you may wear it on your belt. The idea is that it's just delivering data. It's monitoring, it's sensing, it's processing that data and then it's connecting to something," he said.

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The CEO noted just how integrated the company's products are into everyone's lives. When Cramer stated that Skyworks was involved in almost every single major cellphone player, Aldrich quickly corrected the "Mad Money" host, saying, "No, we're in everybody. We have some level of content in everybody."

Aldrich attributed the success of Skyworks to the prudent acquisitions it has made over the years. This has allowed them to take complex technology and find a way to enter the market at every angle, put the building blocks together and generate organic growth.

"The beauty is the money trail ends at having a reliable pipe, with a device that can stream, that's always on, always connected. We try to be in the front of that," Aldrich added.

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