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11 must-follow Twitter accounts

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Twitter is only as good as the accounts you follow.

Beginning with their initial sign-up, Twitter users are greeted by a pre-existing feed of recommended accounts to get them into the swing of how the platform works and to help them figure out what they want to gain from this specific social media space. While most users quickly gather a large collection of news media, entertainment outlets and favorite celebrities, finding the right balance between fun and interesting accounts is vital to getting the most out of Twitter.

Whether an account offers thought-provoking insight, interesting photos or something to lighten the mood of your day, they all play a specific and important role in this space alongside all of the celebrity gossip and hard-hitting news.

Here's some of the most unusual Twitter accounts in the space, sure to liven up your feed.

HISTORY: @History_Pics

Traditional history books tend to take a very standard approach to showcasing the past and, very often, many of the same photographs are associated with key events in history. Take a slightly different look into the past with some awesome historical photos.

History Tweet

ADVERTISING: @Brilliant_Ads

Clever advertising at its finest. From laugh-out-loud funny ads to those focusing on more serious subjects, @Brilliant_Ads shares the best ads the world has to offer.

Advertising Tweet


Live-streaming is all the buzz in social media right now. Apps Meerkat and Periscope are gaining a lot of attention for providing users with the ability to be an active participant in events around the world through live-streaming via Twitter. Twitter launched Periscope after reportedly purchasing the app in January for $100 million, and the app has continued to take off. @PeriscopeTV re-tweets all of the best Periscopes, giving users instant access to the most interesting live-streams.

Periscope tweet


Vine is a short-form video sharing service, acquired by Twitter in October 2012, which allows users to record, edit and view six-second-long looping video clips. If you don't want to weed through the massive amount of videos available on the Vine app, @FunnyVines isolates all of the funniest videos.

Vine Tweet

APPLE GEEKS: @iPhoneTeam

While Apple does not have an official Twitter page dedicated to all things iPhone, this unofficial account provides Apple rumors, memes and information — everything an Apple geek needs to make it through the day.

Apple geeks

TIME TRAVEL: @TweetsofOld

Local newspapers are often a true reflection of a community. See just how much time has changed (or hasn't) by following these one-line excerpts from old newspapers. Each Tweet ends with the year and state in which it was published for added perspective.

Old tweet

MARVEL AT THE WORLD: @FascinatingPics

The clue is in the name — this account shares incredibly fascinating photos. The funny, meaningful and uplifting photos shared by @FascinatingPics is a quick way to broaden your feed.

cool pic tweet

HUMOR: @FacesPics

Look a little closer at everyday items and what will you see? A face staring back at you. That concept is exactly what has gotten @FacesPics over 500,000 followers. From X-Ray machines to Starbucks cups, this account isolates the most mundane items to find a very life-like expression.

potato tweet


Possibly one of the most interesting Twitter accounts available. @ThingsWork uses GIFs to explain and offer new perspectives on how ordinary things work or are made. Guaranteed you'll never be bored scrolling through your feed again.

macaroni tweet


Ever wondered what it's like working in a crazed-newsroom environment? Thanks to @OHnewsroom, you now have the best overheard comments and conversations in any newsroom at the tips of your fingers. And for all you journalists out there, feel free add to the fun by submitting your own overheard comments by tweeting at the account.

newsroom tweet

TEXT PRANKS: @Textastrophe

@Textastrophe is a collection of prank text messages aimed at people who have posted their phone number in a public places such as personal ads or job postings. Most conversations start out seemingly normal but quickly take a turn. This account will definitely have you laughing, every time.

textastrophe tweet

Have any must-follow Twitter accounts of your own? Tell us about them below.