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Anti-Western Russian directors propose alternative to McDonald's

Russian film directors Andron Konchalovskiy (R) and his brother Nikita Mikhalkov attend the opening ceremony of a memorial board to their mother Natalya Konchalovskaya, January 18, 2015 in Moscow.
Irina Buzhor | Kommersant Photo | Getty Images

Two Russian directors have requested an investment of $18.5 million from President Vladimir Putin to roll out a nationalist "alternative to McDonald's," according to

Nikita Mikhalkov and Andrei Konchalovsky, who have criticized Western pop culture, see the investment as a nationalist replacement to American burger joints, the magazine reported.

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"The aim of the project is facilitating replacement of imports and creation of an alternative to Western fast food chains," according to a letter in the Russian business daily Kommersant cited by the report.

The fast food chain would operate under the brand Edim Doma (Eating at Home), the report said.

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