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8 businesses cashing in on the luxury pet market

Yorkshire Terrier at the spa

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Meet America's 'entre-pawneurs'

Few businesses have seen more expansion than the pet business in recent years. As pet owners increasingly treat their cats, dogs and small furry animals like members of the family, sales for luxury pet services, wellness products and apparel are exploding. According to the American Pet Products Association, last year Americans spent $60 billion on their pets, with more expensive, healthier food accounting for the largest part, at upward of $22 billion—a figure that's more than doubled since 2000.

But fancy organic food is just the beginning. Those who have decided to cash in on this ever growing market are offering everything from yappuccinos to pet weddings.

Here is a look at some of the entre-pawneurs who have made it big in the pet economy. They appear to be barking up the right tree.

—By Barbara Booth
Posted 10 April 2015

Lisa Thornberg | iStock | Getty Images Plus