iPhone plunges to ground from 40 stories up

Skyline of Dubai, UAE
Shomos Uddin | Getty Images

If you suffer momentary panic when you drop your iPhone on the ground, be prepared for this.

Photographer Catalin Marin was taking photos of Dubai's sunrise from the top of a building when he accidentally dropped his iPhone from the roof—and the device captured its entire 40 story plunge on video.

"Amazingly the phone was without a scratch and on top of everything it captured the whole fall on video as I was filming at the moment I dropped it," Marin wrote in a blog post on his website published on April 9.

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Watch the amazing fall which was all captured by the phone itself here.

Marin is a commercial and corporate photographer based in Dubai, UAE, specializing in architectural and interior photography. To see the photo his photo of Dubai's foggy sunrise click here.

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