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This could kill the dollar burger: Burger King co-founder

Expect higher restaurant menu prices as a result of the push for higher wages in industries like fast food, Burger King co-founder David Edgerton said in a recent interview with TIME. (Tweet this)

"You're not going to get these dollar hamburgers anymore that both Burger King and McDonald's had," he said. "I see a lot of $10 hamburgers arriving on the scene."

Carlos Jefferson. who works for McDonald’s in Milwaukee, was among fast food workers protesting on Tax Day for a $15-an-hour national minimum wage.
Source: Wisconsin Jobs Now

Although Edgerton sees some players sticking to "small cheap" burgers, he thinks most will undergo "a slow and gradual" shift toward more expensive options.

Edgerton spoke to the magazine as low-paid workers protested across the country to lobby for $15 wages and the right to unionize without retaliation.

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