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'Mindful' things: Airlines aim for friendlier skies

Harriet Baskas, Special to CNBC
A commercial airliner lands at Washington Dulles International Airport.
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It's stressful in the air nowadays, but some airlines are making new efforts to ease the pain.

Much of the recent news associated with flying is of the bad variety and has frayed the nerves of travelers and airline workers alike. That has made some carriers redouble their efforts to put the friendly back into flying the skies.

Recently, Hawaiian Airlines became the first U.S. carrier to attain Platinum status for Fast Travel Implementation from the International Air Transport Association, which lauded the carrier's wide menu of stress-busting initiatives that make checking in and tagging bags easier.

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In conjunction with new A380 service between San Francisco and London, British Airways has rolled out a new health and wellness campaign that offers tips on healthy eating and videos that encourage travelers to reduce stress by being "mindful" fliers.

In an effort to help passengers improve their mindfulness, BA decided to introduce in-flight videos on the topic on flights between San Francisco and London. "The San Francisco community is an early adopter of mindfulness and realizes the importance of integrating the practices into everyday life," said Caroline Titmuss, VP of Americas Marketing for British Airways.

"Some of the biggest Silicon Valley companies [Google, for example] are even offering special classes to their employees," she added.