McDonald’s Chicken Selects fans…We’ve got bad news

Not even social media enthusiasm for Chicken Selects could save the popular snack. (Tweet this)

Fast food giant McDonald's does not plan to make Selects a permanent menu item, it confirmed in an email to CNBC.

How McDonald's makes its menu
How McDonald's makes its menu

"[S]ome markets are opting to extend the offer longer, but there are no current plans to add them to our U.S. menu permanently," wrote Terri Hickey in an email.

"[A]s a general practice we do not share externally sales of a specific menu item, but we do know that our customers have enjoyed this limited time offer," she added. "Chicken Select Tenders have begun to phase out of most restaurants but there are few markets that will be extending the offer to their customers."

First launched in 2002, Selects spent more than a decade on McDonald's nationwide menu before the strips of premium white meat chicken were taken off in 2013.

They returned in early March but only for a limited time. This promotional period ended Sunday.

Fast food companies frequently dip into the limited-time offering pool before choosing whether to keep an item as a permanent one.

Chicken Select Tenders at a McDonald’s restaurant in San Francisco.
David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

McDonald's rival Burger King recently employed the strategy with its Chicken Fries, which were originally launched in 2005 but removed in 2012. Last fall, the chain brought them back as a limited time item before later deciding to keep them for good.

McDonald's has been battling menu complexity and resulting operational headaches from a menu that swelled over the years. Earlier this year, it pared down its menu to help address this problem.

On social media, Chicken Selects fans have spent weeks expressing their excitement for Chicken Selects. News that Selects are gone has also started to trickle on to Twitter.