Katy Perry 'Left Shark' design trademark rejected

Katy Perry's company has hit a roadblock in carving out its "Left Shark" empire. (Tweet this)

A trademark examiner quashed attempts to register a design for the shark, which became an Internet sensation after the singer's Super Bowl performance in February, The Hollywood Reporter wrote this week. Apparently, Perry's company couldn't prove that a drawing evoked images of the seemingly clumsy blue shark that danced behind the pop star.

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Perry's company said it wanted to make "costumes" and "figurines," according to The Hollywood Reporter. The examiner pointed out differences between the drawing of Left Shark and a photo of the Super Bowl performance.

Katy Perry performs during the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show in Glendale, Ariz., Feb. 1, 2015.
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Perry has already capitalized on the sensation and registered the phrase "Left Shark." Onesies and T-shirts in the Left Shark likeness are currently sold on the singer's website for $130 and $25, respectively.

Her lawyers previously issued a cease-and-desist to a designer who had sold 3-D printed Left Shark figurines.

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