Lightning Round: This group's for sale

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Noble Energy: "I think Noble is right here. I've been buying some of these down and outters, and Noble is very well-run. They already did the equity offering and it's in good shape."

Kroger Co: "Kroger is down ten percent in a straight line. That to me says that is the pullback we have been waiting for and it is time to buy some Kroger."

Cypress Semiconductors: "The stock has come down a lot, and people have gotten very nervous. When that deal is done and combined, I am very hopeful that things will be good. I'm not backing away from Cypress."

Taser: "I just think unfortunately the news flow is not going to stop. These police department have to get tasers. They have to, so I am sticking with that one as a buy."

Supervalu Inc: "I like Supervalu but not as much as Kroger, because Kroger has come down to the point where I want to buy it. The group does seem to be for sale."

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First Horizon National Corp: "First Horizon is good. But I am a Wells Fargo guy. I'm not looking through it anymore, I like WFC if I am going to own a bank. That's what my charitable trust owns"

Orbital ATK: "We recommended it and the stock flew. Now it has gotten hit, and it's time to reload."

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