Hot toys at the Singapore Yacht Show

Blueiprod | Singapore Yacht Show

Singapore, home to the world's third biggest population of millionaires per capita, received an extra influx of wealthy individuals this past weekend for the city's fifth annual yacht show.

Despite daily heavy downpours, Asia's largest boat show attracted serious buyers from across the region, resulting in record sales for yacht brokers like Simpson Marine.

Alongside massive super yachts, other crowd pullers included a personal submarine, inflatable yacht slides and new technology to prevent seasickness, not to mention multiple champagne receptions and fashion shows.

Click ahead to see some of the most luxurious toys on display at this year's show.

Anastasia, Oceanco


The Anastasia, a 75.5-meter super yacht, was the largest boat ever displayed at the Singapore Yacht Show. Priced at more than $110 million, it was also one of the most expensive.

With a number of awards under her belt, including the World Yacht Trophy for Best of the Best Custom Motor Yacht, Anastasia boasts a pair of 'rocket' wings atop her superstructure.

Sports Limousine, Van Dieman Luxury Craft

Van Dieman Luxury Craft

Manufacturer of custom super-yacht tenders Van Dieman debuted its 5.5 meter convertible Sports Limousine at this year's show.

Designed to give maximum versatility, the boat is meant for use in multiple situations, from transportation to water skiing.

C-Explorer 3 Submarine, Uboat Worx

Uboat Worx

This three-person underwater vehicle made its Asian debut at this year's show. Four diving tanks, a buoyancy tank, and propulsion systems help the submersible achieve a maximum underwater speed of 2-3 knots.

It can carry passengers to a depth of 1,000 meters in a fully air-conditioned interior with a 360-degree view, making it the ultimate adventurer's toy.

Wally 47, Limitless Marine

Limitless Marine

Perhaps the most James Bond-esque boat on display, the Italian-made Wally 47 is a sports cruiser that can handle speeds at over 37 knots.

Controlled by a joystick, the boat has a double cabin, a bathroom and a hard top to protect its riders from the weather.

Spirit 65, Spirit Yachts

Spirit Yachts

A performance-oriented boat designed for sailing, the Spirit 65's most attractive feature is a mahogany cockpit and integrated fan style skylight that allows for maximum natural light.

Saluzi, Yachtzoo


The 69-meter Australian-built Saluzi is the largest permanently-based yacht available for charter in Asia.

Named after the mystical warhorse of Tang Dynasty Emperor Taizong, the artwork of the horse on the yacht's exterior was created by artist Li Jiwei as an interpretation of the ancient tale.

In Jiwei's words, Saluzi is "an expression of both East and West, a blending of spirituality and materiality.

Yacht slides, Fun Air

Fun Air

FunAir's inflatable products make it the perfect accessory for a day out on a yacht. Custom slides can be requested, as well as climbing walls and floating trampolines.

Azimut 80, Azimut Yachts

Azimut Yachts

This new 25.2 meter model offers customers vast interior space, including a living room with two facing sofas, a master suite and two double cabins.

Additional features like an oversized fly-bridge and a day head on the main level put the boat's price tag at a cool $4,073,400.