Invest like Henry Kravis: Buyouts for the masses

Henry Kravis, co-founder of KKR
Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images

If you've ever wanted to invest like buyout king Henry Kravis, here is a new opportunity.

Kravis' private equity firm, KKR, has collaborated on a new fund with Altegris, which gives retail investors access to some of its deals for a minimum investment of $25,000.

The Altegris KKR Commitments Fund offers broad exposure to KKR investment funds, but at a lower minimum investment than traditional private equity

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Investors are required to have an annual income of $200,000 in assets and minimum net worth of one million dollars, excluding primary residence, compared with the standard five million dollars net worth.

Altegris chairman and ceo Jon Sundt, told CNBC's "Power Lunch" Monday "Before the launch of this fund, Main Street was blocked out of this kind of fund. Now you can invest just like the Harvard,Yale or other large institutions."

Altegris KKR Commitments Fund lets Main Street invest like private equity players"
Jon Sundt
Altegris chaiman & ceo
Buyouts for the masses

So why not just invest in KKR and buy the stock? "This fund gives access to a category previously available only to the ultra-wealthy," said Sundt. "Private equity performs very differently from publicly-traded equities. so KKR stock performs vastly different from their underlying private equity portfolio."

The Altegris KKR Commitments Fund is allowed to advertise and publicize information about its performance There is a required two year lockup period. Beyond that point, there are quarterly redemptions.

But unlike typical private equity funds, this one has 1099 tax reporting and no capital calls

KKR is not involved in the management of the fund, not does it gain a share of Altergris' annual fees of 2.6 percent.