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Time to take a swim? Cramer eyes POOL

Jim Cramer remembers that it was only a few weeks ago that investors were salivating over any stock that was remotely related to the health of the consumer or the housing market. But now that investors have become worried about a domestic slowdown, everything that used to be hot is decidedly not.

Pool Corporation is one of those stocks that has recently fallen out of favor with investors, down 4 percent in the past month. But could investors be throwing the baby out with the bathwater?

Pool Corp is the dominant provider of pool parts, supplies and maintenance equipment in the U.S. Just last week, the company reported a fantastic quarter and beat Wall Street's expectations. It also reaffirmed full-year guidance. It delivered a 5-cent earnings beat from a 14-cent basis, with higher than expected revenues.

As a result, the stock jumped to $72 in the same day, but has since been slammed as worried money managers rotate out of stocks related to housing and consumer discretionary spending.

Considering the solid fundamentals of the company, could this stock be worth buying into weakness? To find out, Cramer spoke with Pool Corp CEO Manuel Perez De La Mesa.

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Cramer thinks that Pool could have some major upside ahead, as research indicates that the company only builds approximately a third of the pools that it once did.

The CEO predicts a normalized level of pool building will resume. "We believe that will occur early in the next decade," he said.

His prediction was based on his observation of the consumer's propensity to invest in their homes and seek recovery of that investment. He believes that the ramp up with start gradually over the next two or three years and return to normal levels within the next decade.

"We have a lot of wind behind us given that we are only running at about one-third of the pool construction levels that existed 10 years ago," Perez De La Mesa said.

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Pool Corp was also able to gain strength after the housing depression, as they were able to help their customers, such as pool builders, retailer and service companies, during that time.

"What we do to help them grow and succeed has resulted in the lion's share of the customers being intact. In fact, we continue to gain share because of the value we provide to our customers," Perez De La Mesa said.

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