Jack and Suzy Welch have a warning about social media

Jack and Suzie Welch
Katie Kramer | CNBC

With shares of some social media stocks cooling down, some investors wonder whether this is the top and if this is the start of a market correction in tech?

LinkedIn shares dropped more than twenty percent Friday, its worst day ever as a public company, on weak guidance.

Shares of Twitter also spiraled downward, on revenue warnings.

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Business visionaries, Jack and Suzy Welch say you have to be careful investing in social media because some players may be losing traction with younger users.

Touring the nation in support of their new book "The Real-Life MBA," Suzy Welch told CNBC's "Power Lunch" Friday, they had the chance to observe the social media habits of various age groups, particularly business school students and baby boomers.

"(Among MBA students) all the conversation was happening on WhatsApp and GroupMe. It seems to be the next generation of conversation. Twitter, meanwhile, was virtually non-existent at the business schools we visited, but still very active with older crowds."

As for staying power, Jack and Suzy Welch are bullish on LinkedIn. calling it the "most solid" social media stock.

According to Jack Welch, former General Electric chairman and ceo, LinkedIn "is a real source of leads and quality candidates."

Jack & Suzy Welch: LinkedIn solid