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Tesla batteries: A game changer for the grid

Generators vs. batteries

Tesla's splashy new home-battery product launch has so far garnered mixed reviews. Make no mistake, however: America's power grid has officially been put on notice.

Skeptics argue the $3,000 batteries are too expensive and unrealistic for most households. Some even dismiss the entire product launch as founder Elon Musk's effort to distract investors and the public from the electric car marker's core product sales.

It's "not really an economical solution for backup power," said Aaron Jadgfeld, CEO of generator giant Generac, on "Closing Bell" Friday.

Indeed, Tesla's home battery—or "storage," in industry lingo—would run $10,000 for just four to eight hours of power in case of an outage, Jadgfeld said. His Generac generators, meanwhile, could offer a household "weeks" of electricity power if they are powered by natural gas.

Others see it differently—and maintain that Tesla's technology is in fact a game changer.

Take Rick Harrison, the well-known face of the cable television series "Pawn Stars," owner of a successful pawn shop in Las Vegas and other business ventures.