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Lightning Round: The worst quarter of the year

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Sysco Corp: "Sysco is stuck. If the FTC blesses that transaction, the stock goes up ten percent. If it doesn't, the stock goes down 5 percent. I don't think the FTC is going to go with it, so let's be careful out there."

FreightCar America, Inc: "To me there's no real conviction there at all, frankly. I don't think that dip is one to buy. If you want to buy stocks on the dip let's go for some yielders."

Alliance Resource Partners: "I know I just said I like yield, but that is a yield that is grounded in coal and I don't recommend any coal stocks at all. The train has left for that station."

Kroger Co: "I'm a buyer of Kroger, tomorrow particularly...if Kroger is down on Whole Foods you want to buy it. One of the reasons why Whole Foods is struggling so much is because of the likes of Kroger. You go into Kroger and it is chock full of natural and organic."

Radware Ltd: "I haven't talked enough about Radware, I happen to like it. Remember I like Fortinet a little bit more, I like Palo Alto best, CyberArk also in the mix. But Radware should be considered. It is a terrific cybersecurity play."

Lands' End, Inc: "LE looked good when it first came public, we actually like it and the spinoff with Sears. Since then it has been all downhill. I say stay away. There are lots of rumors that Ann Taylor could be acquired, I think that is an inexpensive stock.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb: "I thought the Bristol-Myers conference call was excellent, and I remain a buyer of Bristol-Myers."

Ares Capital Corporation: "It's a black box situation, you don't really know what they own. You don't really know the loans, therefore it always makes it very difficult for me to be able to reach that conclusion so I'm going to say stay away."

Container Store Group: "Really one of the worst quarters of the year. What can I say? When you have a bad quarter, and then you have another bad quarter then you put two bad quarters together and you get a bad half. And that is what Container Store has."

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