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Here are the GrubHub's priciest delivery and takeout burgers

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Customers won't find these burgers on any dollar menu.

GrubHub is out with a new ranking of the priciest burgers sold on its delivery and takeout ordering site in America. Many are gourmet versions of the drive-thru classic—with ingredients like kobe beef, lobster and foie gras—while others are large enough to feed a whole table.

Conor Larkin's Grill & Tap's Husky Burger Challenge
Source: Rachel Gianatasio

All of them are priced north of $20, so with tax and tip, customers can expect to spend at least $30.

Although burgers are often associated with the drive-thru, GrubHub spokeswoman Allie Mack said today's burger arena is different.

"That's not the case anymore," she said. "Higher end burgers are becoming much more normal."

The number of kobe beef burgers, known for being tender and juicy, particularly blew her away.

"I've seen such a shift in what takeout has become in the past year or two," Mack said. "It's not just pizza and Chinese."

The Empire Steak House took top honors for the most expensive burger in America with a kobe beef version that sells for $36.95. Boston-based Conor Larkin's Husky Burger Challenge followed in the rankings. The mega meal includes four 8-ounce patties, eight bacon slices and eight slices of cheese—enough for a group or one very hungry person.

Overall, the average burger price remains a fraction of these more expensive burgers, clocking in at $7.60.

Below is the full priciest burger list:

1. Empire Steak House's Kobe Burger
Location: New York, New York
Price: $36.95

2. Conor Larkin's Grill & Tap's Husky Burger Challenge
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Price: $29.99

3. Harry's Cafe & Steak's Kobe Beef Burger
Location: New York, New York
Price: $29.00

4.Village Whiskey's 8 ounce Whiskey King Burger
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Price $28.69

5. Kittery's The Kittery Burger
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Price: $28.00

6. Empire Steak House's Lunch 12 oz. Kobe Burger
Location: New York, New York
Price: $26.95

7. Epicurus Restaurant's Beast Burger
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Price: $26.50

8.The Leopard at Des Artistes' All-Natural Beef Burger
Location: New York, New York
Price: $26.00

9. Taphouse Grill's King Kobe Burger
Location: Highwood, Illinois
Price: $25.99

10. Wiener and Still Champion's Triple Undisputed Cheeseburger
Location: Evanston, Illinois
Price: $25.50