Entrepreneur Asia: Power Players
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Asia's richest entrepreneurs under 40

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1) Arun Pudur

Net worth: $4 billion
Country of origin: India

37-year old Pudur is the richest person on the list and the only Indian. He is the CEO of Celframe, a company that makes the world's second most popular word processor after Microsoft.

A son of a cinematographer, Pudur's entrepreneurial spirit began at the tender age of 13. From repairing bicycles to breeding dogs, he founded Celframe in Bangalore shortly after graduating from university. Now, the award-winning software firm has offices across the globe and distributors in over 70 countries.

Much of his wealth is also tied up in diversified ventures like gold mining, coal, and real estate. His attention is now on building a casino and starting an airline in South Africa, according to a recent interview in The Deccan Herald.