Job advice 101: Don't insult company online

Paul Bradbury | OJO Images | Getty Images

Note to job seekers (especially younger ones, perhaps): If you're weighing competing job offers from fast-growing start-ups, you might not want to post your thought process in a public forum, especially in language a company CEO might find insulting.

An anonymous job seeker took to the question-and-answer site Quora and asked for advice on whether he (presumably a he) should take a job with the $40 billion ride-sharing company Uber or the $4.5 billion automated human resources company Zenefits—both of which had made him offers.

When he listed as a 'con' of Zenefits the fact that it "isn't a buzzword like Uber," the CEO of the start-up answered in the comments that we was rescinding the job offer.

While the post was later deleted, Zenefits confirmed to QZ that the job was no longer on offer, and that the post was from indeed from CEO Parker Conrad.

The full exchange, including plenty of exchanges and commentary from third-parties—as well as a note from Uber PR urging the poster to take their offer—can be read here, at Quora.