McD's to expand all-day breakfast, add new sandwiches

McDonald's breakfast all day long
McDonald's breakfast all day long
McDonald's streamlines menu
McDonald's streamlines menu
One bright spot for McDonald's
One bright spot for McDonald's

McDonald's plans to expand its all-day breakfast test, one of a series of changes set to occur at the fast-food giant. (Tweet this)

The chain, which has struggled to turn around its U.S. unit, will also simplify drive-thru menus, add mid-price sandwiches to its offerings and sell lemonade this summer, a source confirmed to CNBC.

Dow Jones first reported the news Monday afternoon.

The moves mark the latest moves by the Golden Arches to turn around domestic performance. The chain has been criticized for its menu complexity. McDonald's has said it is working to simplify its menu and offer compelling value items.

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A McDonald's Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwich is shown in San Rafael, Calif.
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In an email, McDonald's spokeswoman Lisa McComb wrote, "Today's meeting was an internal webcast so we won't be sharing details and plans externally. We're always innovating around McDonald's food, drinks and restaurant experience, and we'll share news on these initiatives when the time is right."

Last week, the chain announced the initial details of its turnaround plan, which was heavy on organization details and light on specifics about menu changes.

New CEO Steve Easterbrook has stressed the need to be bold to turn it into a modern and progressive burger chain. Earlier this year, it began testing all-day breakfast at participating McDonald's in San Diego.