Weather & Natural Disasters

Tornado Threat: 43 Million in Path of Severe Weather as System Moves North

Erin McClam
A satellite weather image taken May, 11, 2015
Source: NOAA

The tornado threat isn't over.

Hours after a tornado ravaged a city in Texas and killed three people, an estimated 43 million Americans are in the path of possible severe weather on Monday, including a slight risk of twisters in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

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Tornado hits Kansas

A swath of the country from the Gulf Coast of Texas to the Great Lakes faces the risk of severe thunderstorms, including large hail and damaging winds. Detroit and Columbus, Ohio, are among the cities at risk for tornadoes.

At least 10 people were unaccounted for early Monday in Van, Texas, where an overnight tornado reduced homes to splinters and damaged schools. Officers were going house to house looking for people trapped in rubble.