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Cramer game plan—Will retail strike back next week?

Cramer: Next week jam-packed with retail earnings

Here we go again, Jim Cramer saw the same rotation of money flowing back and forth struck yet again on Friday. The market sold off the same stocks that it loved yesterday, and then it swings right back.

"This market has to be experiencing the most debilitating rally I have ever seen. We keep going higher, but we go higher with different stocks, a fluctuating, rotating, and most of all confusing leadership that makes it unfathomable on days like today," the "Mad Money" host said.

Industrial production, capacity utilization and consumer confidence numbers were just plain disappointing, showing that the country is not getting stronger at the moment. However, this occurs as markets abroad gain strength.

This also explains the giant rotation of stocks happening, as investors sell domestic groups like retail and restaurants and invest in US stocks with international exposure.

Will retail strike back next week? To find out, Cramer must rely on his game plan, as it is full of retailers.

Pedestrians walk past an Urban Outfitters store in New York.
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Monday: Urban Outfitters
This company has been on fire lately as Free the People, Anthropologie and Urban have all been firing on all cylinders. Cramer thinks it is a buy right now at $7 below its high.

Tuesday: Home Depot, TJX and Wal-Mart
"The thing you need to know, though, is that these stocks are priced exactly the way the companies are ordered," Cramer said.

That means that the "Mad Money" host has confidence in Home Depot, suspects that TJX's European business will blow it out of the water, and Wal-Mart is priced for nothing but disappointment. Still, there could be a good risk-reward with Wal-Mart even though it's Cramer's least favorite.

Wednesday: Target, Williams-Sonoma, Lowe's,
Target: This stock has fallen to $78 from $83 recently, which is a great time for investors to benefit from its weakness. Cramer likes Target, and if it stays down here, he recommended that unless it is up big, put half a position in now and half after it reports. Don't chase!

Williams-Sonoma: Last time it reported it cited weakness because of the West Coast port slowdowns and indicated it expected to be hit again this quarter. Though this makes Cramer nervous, they're such good operators he's not willing to bet against them.

Lowe's: In Cramer's perspective it's at parity with Home Depot. Both good, on top of their game and he won't favor one over the other. With all of the speculation that it is being pursued by another company recently, Cramer just doesn't know what to expect. He has backed this stock and the CEO from the beginning and even though he's taken a lot of heat, he's been right. Thus, he likes this stock because of its vision, not because of a takeover.

Thursday: Dollar Tree, Hewlett-Packard
Dollar Tree: Cramer predicts a strong quarter, though the stock has been hit by the big stock rotation happening

Hewlett-Packard: Cramer thinks whatever they say will be overshadowed by the fact that the company is in the process of breaking itself up. So maybe it won't matter if they report a dismal quarter. The bigger problem here is that it has some serious competition from Cisco, and no one wants to compete with Cisco. Cramer thinks even Arista Networks has better momentum than Hewlett-Packard—Yikes!

Friday: Nike, Foot Locker, Deere & Campbell's Soup
Nike: Cramer loves this stock and thinks it's a good bet regardless of the rotation.

Campbell's Soup: Forget it; it has totally missed the boat on the natural and organic movement in food. It needs to move fast, and Cramer can't believe it hasn't acquired WhiteWave of Hain Celestial, yet, given how well its BoltHouse Farms business is doing. What the heck?

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