Cramer Remix: Absolute worst thing in the market

Cramer: This is the absolute worst thing in this market

The transports were absolutely clubbed on Wednesday, which is good news as a traveler because that means cheaper fares. But as an investor this means nothing but bad news, and Jim Cramer is worried.

When Cramer took a closer look at the transports group, he was able to pinpoint the source of the problem down to the airlines.

"Sometimes though, this kind of action is a sign not of weakening trade, but of potentially ruinous, cutthroat competition. And that's what is driving the group down at this very moment," Cramer said.

Cramer considers competition to be the absolute worst thing that could linger in the market. On Tuesday, the "Mad Money" host spoke with Doug Parker, the CEO of American Airlines. Parker confirmed that his competitors in the industry have decided to take advantage of the strong travel market right now by ramping up capacity.

"Some capacity is being added not by us but by some of our competitors, and we will obviously respond to that," Parker said. "That's going to have a negative impact," he added.

Cramer was taken aback when he heard this. When Parker said he would respond, that means they will lower fares which translates to a negative impact on revenues per flier—the key metric for airlines.

However, Cramer's concern is about more than just American Airlines. He is worried about the entire airline industry. The reason why he has been bullish on the airlines is because the recent consolidations had brought an end to the vicious competition of the past.

"Apparently those days are now over. I'm not saying that you can't buy the airlines when they reach a certain level. I'm just saying, wow, flying may be safer than ever, but those earnings estimates sure aren't!"

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If there is one stock that Cramer thinks investors keep underestimating, it is Take-Two Interactive Software. It just doesn't seem to ever get the credit it deserves, even as it rules the videogame world.

Perhaps it is because most people see nothing more than the company that created one of the most successful video game franchises ever, "Grand Theft Auto." Cramer finds this ridiculous, as the company is very well run with a strong library of franchises such as "Red Dead," "Max Payne," "Borderlands" and "Civilization."

This was why Cramer was not surprised when he saw that Take-Two reported a very strong quarter, and beat estimates by 22 cents while increasing its buyback authorization to 10 million shares. Can this stock stay ahead of the game? To find out, Cramer sat down with Take-Two Software CEO Strauss Zelnick.

"I think we are beginning to demonstrate with the year that we just guided to…that we are a solidly profitable company with a diverse lineup. Not every year will be gently upward sloping, but we do have great releases," Zelnick said.

Sometimes something is so amazing and right in front of an investor's face, that they are too blind to see it. Cramer is tearing out his hair at this obliviousness right now, as Fiat Chrysler is tearing up the market and no one knows it.

Yes that's right, Fiat Chrysler has been killing it in the auto world. It came public again in October of 2014, and has roared 55 percent higher since then.

Both Ford and General Motors have overshadowed it, yet those two stocks can't even come close to touching the amazing returns that have flown from Fiat Chrysler.

"How has this car company silently become the best in the business, with hardly anyone seeming to notice? How can we treat Chrysler, one of the big three for heaven's sake, as though it doesn't even exist?" the "Mad Money" host asked.

While recently it was announced that the Department of Transportation plans to hold a hearing in July on whether Fiat Chrysler failed to fix safety defects that led to 20 recalls, Cramer is not worried about that. If anything, the stock went higher on this news!

So while other automakers are getting killed by the strong dollar, why not go for the one that is actually benefiting as a Europe-based company?

"The stock has been on fire lately, but with everything this company's got going for it, I wouldn't be surprised if it's got more room to run," Cramer said.

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Approximately three weeks ago, Cramer spoke with Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce. The very next day after the interview, Bloomberg released a story saying that Salesforce had hired bankers to handle takeover inquiries, which prompted rumors of takeover speculation and sent the stock soaring.

Since that time the stock has pulled back to $70 as potential suitors such as Microsoft, IBM and SAP have all nixed the idea. That means investors are back to valuing Salesforce based on earnings, which is the way Cramer likes it.

The company reported a strong quarter on Wednesday, delivering a 2-cent earnings beat from a 14-cent basis and higher than expected revenues. But could there be a potential deal brewing for Salesforce? Cramer went straight to the source and spoke with Benioff to find out.

"Today I am saying we are the fastest to $6 billion, but for me that's the past and I am all about the future, and all I am focused on right now is my dream and my dream is to be the fastest software company to $10 billion. That is what I am working on every single day," Benioff responded.

In Cramer's opinion, the only way to get real growth in retail is to grow as a country. There are two ways to grow; either with new families, or immigration. That is it.

"Nothing else can really help us long term, including by the way, the oft-mentioned Federal Reserve. That's right, over a long enough time horizon, population growth leads to economic growth," the "Mad Money" host said.

Unfortunately population growth, both from new households and from an immigration standpoint, has been a problem ever since the great recession. And this has been behind a lot of the issues in the U.S.; it's just not talked about.

The one person openly talking about this issue was Carol Tome, CFO of Home Depot when she placed it as the core context of consumer spending for her company.

Once the great recession started, household formation numbers dropped dramatically to about 500,000 new homes a year from approximately 1.3 million, Cramer said.

However, now things seem to be back on track. Home Depot just confirmed a household formation figure of more than 1 million homes. As a result, the Home Depot CFO said she expects to see a dramatic increase in growth for the company.

"If it happened now, though, it could really make a difference to sales for the whole retail cohort," Cramer said.

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In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller-favorite stocks:

Flextronics International: "I don't know, it does seem to be stalled. It's a very inexpensive stock and that may not matter. It's kind of stalled...but don't give up on it."

Halyard Health: "This stock has been a real dog. The charitable trust owns it...I think it represents great value as a spinoff of Kimberly-Clark, but the company has not told the story. So listen, members of the Halyard Health staff: You come on the show and tell the story. This stock has been horrendous!"

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