McDonald's CEO: 'Ronald is here to stay'

Talk about job security—McDonald's clown isn't going anywhere, its chief announced to shareholders.

"Ronald is here to stay," said the fast food giant's CEO Steve Easterbrook at its annual shareholders' meeting Thursday.

Major victory for McDonald's shareholders
Major victory for McDonald's shareholders

Some shareholders criticized the company's use of Ronald McDonald, especially in schools.

The company also announced the results of several shareholder votes on proposals.

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One key proposal that was approved makes it easier to nominate directors to the company's board.

Regarding Ronald, Easterbrook said the clown is feeling "trendier" and "more confident" since he overhauled his look last year.

The new look preceded a separate attempt by McDonald's to give the Hamburglar a makeover as a suburban dad. Kentucky Fried Chicken also refreshed its company archives this week, reintroducing Colonel Colonel Harland, played by Saturday Night Live announcer Darrell Hammond